Meet the Team

Dr. Matthew Freudenthal

Dr. Matt graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in November of 2010. Upon graduation, he began work at a large wellness clinic in the southern suburbs of Minneapolis where he quickly worked his way to Senior Associate and in the process grew into a very successful and diverse practice where he was blessed enough to have seen and treated thousands of patients.

In January 2014, he ventured out and expanded his mission by purchasing Robin Wellness Center.

Dr. Matt has completed extensive post-graduate work in various techniques including Gonstead, AK, Activator, Motion Palpation, and more. He completed a certification in nutrition and continues to keep up with the latest research and trends through various texts and seminars. It is his solid belief that the more tools one has in the toolbox, the wider variety of patients he can help.

He has been invited to speak at various companies and to students outside of the school. He is amazed at what a powerful machine the human body is and loves researching the way stress and lifestyle factors impact our physiology and function.

It is his mission to restore our God-given abilities to heal that exists in every one of us. It is a must to provide people suffering from chronic and severe lower back and neck pain from damaged discs, as well as a host of other conditions with the most thorough, non-surgical protocols so they may enjoy their lives once again. Dr. Matt provides these services with the highest integrity, compassion, and safety to help his patients achieve a higher level of living.

‘It is no longer good enough to just prevent disease. To flourish now and in the future, we must begin teaching our patients to create health instead of waiting for health to come to them.’ -Dr. Matt Freudenthal

Julie G.

Julie is the Front Desk Coordinator and Marketing Assistant here at Robin Wellness Center! “The best part of my job is all of the kind and smiling faces I encounter each day”!

Julie and her husband, Greg have lived in Robbinsdale for over 30 years and raised their six amazing children! They now have five wonderful ‘bonus children’ and nine grandbabies! They are truly blessed! Julie’s family is her favorite and most important way to spend time. She also enjoys planning a great party, gardening, and spending time at the camper in Southern Minnesota!

Liz R.
Liz was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota and takes being a Minnesotan very seriously. She joined the Robin Wellness Center team in October 2020 and has always had a passion for customer service and making people smile.

Some of her hobbies include singing, playing piano, cello, or guitar, and spending time with her family. Liz’s ideal day would include partly cloudy weather, miles of pine trees, a small log cabin, and several very burnt s’mores, like a true Minnesotan!